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Ensuring the right coach and client fit

Like any good relationship, that between a coach and their client is built on trust and client communication. But like any business sometimes a potential client just isn’t the right fit.

As a coach is only as good as their reputation and results, it’s imperative for both the client and you, the coach, to clearly understand when to walk away. So, here are four signs a client may not be right for you, and what to do when you need to turn someone away.

The big questions of business coaching

Successful coaching requires a number of skills; listening, empathy and observation, but arguably one of the most important skills any mentor can have is asking the right question at the right time. A well worded question at a well chosen moment will yield a wealth of...

Increasing profitability with Tim Stokes

Tim recently joined us to talk about profits on Ask a Coach! You can watch the playback here and read a summary of the key messages that Tim shared with me on Profits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwHVMoauzTc   The majority of businesses struggle with the...

The art of listening for business coaches

The ability to listen and truly hear what a client has to say is arguably the most valuable skill any business coach can have. But good listening isn’t just the art of taking an interest, it involves clarifying information, deciphering the important from the...

Five ways to help a business coach help you

If you’re considering engaging a business coach then odds are you’re looking for real change and real progress in your business. But just allowing someone else in to take a big picture perspective of your enterprise isn’t the end of the process.
To enable long-lasting change and the rewards that follow there are a host of things a business owner can do to assist their mentor. Here are five ways you can help a business coach help you.

Making progress – keeping your clients on track

Real change takes time, but when you’re working with a client to improve their business the likelihood is they want to see tangible results as soon as possible to ascertain whether their investment in a coach or mentor is paying off.

Here are five ways you can keep your clients on track to make the progress they desire.

Five common skills essential to great coaching

A great business coach brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in the form of industry expertise, a new insight and strategies to improve an enterprise. But while all these are prerequisites for getting a job done, the real assets of the person selected to work closely with a business may come down to something deeper and more intrinsic.

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