I see business as a vehicle for health and wealth. But too often they can become a prison. My passion is helping businesses in the manufacturing and service industries to create their vehicle to health and wealth.

I can help you:
– Quickly gain clarity on where you should focus resources and time
– Crystalise your vision and map out the most effective strategies to achieve it
– Increase profits from your existing setup without increasing sales
– Identify product/service issues holding you back
– Solve issues around pricing, what products to focus on and promotion
– Personal development, success mindset, leadership skills

The strategies and advice I share with you are based on firsthand experience and extensive study and training over the past 20+years. I’ve had 8 startups of my own, still have three of them, which I grew from scratch to interstate and then overseas. I’ve successfully grown and turned around three national companies that I was the Business Development Manager for.

My style of ‘coaching’ is more hands on and is really more a mentoring and consulting style. You can engage my me as much or as little as you need.

I specialise in quickly troubleshooting product, pricing, promotion and people issues, prioritising what to fix first, and identifying the most effective growth strategies for you.

I can then mentor and coach you in the fixes or growth of your business. This can include training and coaching of your team as well. For example I am regularly asked to interview staff and customers to get a true picture of what is going on in the business and where the opportunities and gaps lie. From here I work with you and your staff on communication styles, getting the right people in the right jobs, in implementing changes, procedures

Feel free to give me a call to discuss your needs in detail.

I work on an hourly basis or monthly retainer. A third option is a specified scope of works and fixed fee. For example if you have a specific task, such as a tender to prepare, website audit, financial health check, product launch, customer experience audit, business plan or recruitment process that you need to complete.

To get started I like to discuss with you in detail your needs and this can be at your work or offsite. From this meeting I can confirm I can provide the help you need and a suggested plan of attack and pricing.

Small to Medium businesses including startups.
Industries includes manufacturing, services and trades.

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for David Lennon, Troubleshooter & Business Coach.

In early 2016 I engaged David Lennon’s services as I needed a fresh pair of eyes on my businesses to assist me in sorting out issues relating to staff and procedures etc. I also wanted to get a better understanding about what I personally wanted to achieve as the business owner, and how I was going to be able to achieve this.

I chose David as I felt comfortable with him straight away and he gave me confidence that I had engaged the right person. My staff of 18 also took to David straight away which made me confident that I had made the right choice.

There were a number of problems that had been building up over the last few years in the businesses, and it was great to be able to talk these issues through with another person who was impartial. Engaging David also had a positive influence on my team members, as it made them confident that he was going to assist us all to reach our goals to make the business better.

David interviewed the team individually to ascertain where everyone felt the business was heading, and also to find out what each team members goals and aspirations were. This in turn gave us a good understanding of where to go to from this point. David also conducted Personality Profiles on each team member, including myself, which was invaluable in assisting us to understand each other better and also each others working style.

We had regular group meetings with David, which was a great opportunity for David to understand our business culture and for the team to be involved in the changes required for the business to move forward positively.

When I engaged David’s services, the businesses was running at about 6/10, now after 4 short months, we are looking at an 8-9/10! The team are happier coming to work, I have achieved a more positive outlook on where the businesses are heading and where I want them to go, and I have established what is important to myself in relation to my personal goals!

David was very responsive with questions I had throughout the 4 months and made me feel like we were a real team, so did the staff.

I have no hesitation in using David’s services again in the future should I require it and would highly recommend David to any size business.

Peter Hearn, Director Buy Wise Inspection | Pest Police Australia

Four one-hour sessions with David and we have had the best BAS quarter in ten years and repeated it again the next and with our new strategies we expect this to only continue to grow.
Physio Therapist

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