I have been selling and helping people sell for more than 20 years. In that time I have learned the key things that help people be confident and successful in selling. Especially those people who shy away from or even hate sales.

We all need to sell. Whether it is selling something for a company you own or work for or getting the job you want at the salary you want.

I help people decode their ideas on selling. I help you understand what you think about sales, which activities you choose and the results that you focus on. And how all of these things impact on how you feel and how you do sales. Some simple changes to these make a massive difference to you and your confidence and success in sales.

I help people who think sales isn’t their forte to learn the tips and ideas that help them to confidently be themselves in selling. I teach them the skills and give them the tools that make this simple and successful.

I work 1:1 either face to face or via Skype.
I have a process that takes people through the following key areas:
In teaching people about sales & negotiations I use the following success formula:
– Understand yourself
– Know your value
– Discover what others want & value
– Find Fit for what you have and what they want
– Uncover and learn to love objections
– Always Be Creating Value – how to ensure that value exists for all parties.

Sales is an action orientated discipline.
Each stage of what we work through will have clear actions for you to take and things for you to try.
As you experience sales you will learn more about you and about how you can use this understanding to improve your sales abilities and confidence.

I use an Agile Process in my coaching so that it is guided by the process – but very much instructed through how we are going, what we experience and discover and where we then decide to go.

Business owners who want to have confidence in sales and selling. I show you how to find your own successful sales style.

“Hey Fran – Thanks for your sales coaching. There was two aspects that made it work for me
1. You tailored it to what I wanted and needed to understand about sales.
2. You gave me a practical and achievable roadmap to sales. It eliminated the idea that it is two opposing forces and showed me it is more like two allies working together for the same happy outcome.”

“Thank you for your Sales Coaching, it is refreshing and took the ‘mystery’ out of sales success for me. Listening to your ‘no nonsense’ approach to selling for reaching the desired outcome was just what I needed to hear.”

“Fran, it’s people like you who help teach me the rules and make this new world of sales accessible. I appreciate you making explicit these ‘implicit rules’ that nobody teaches us. I particularly like the You, Me, Next Step strategy. Subconsciously, I think I usually do this, but it’s nice to make it explicit and easy to remember — so thanks! You’ve also got a ‘cleanness’ about the way you speak … without verbal clutter, without baggage. I look forward to in the future working with you some more and learning the secrets of selling.”

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