I have a background in Strategic HR and Marketing and have built 3 of my own successful businesses. Building a strong business has its ups and downs and sometimes I learnt the hard way on what not to do!!

I am passionate about helping owners leave their mark, their legacy, making a difference. Helping clients get CLARITY with their businesses so that they can CONFIDENTLY communicate their BRAND and message to the market. Helping them to develop a BRANDING, MARKETING & SALES STRATEGY PLAN that allows them to focus on what they do best yet continue to build a PROFITABLE business and see GROWTH along with BALANCE.


I provide an initial complimentary 30 minute discovery call to see if and how I can help you. Then I work on a 6 month program basis – Do It With you or Do It For You.

We meet twice a month each month to follow through a program based on Branding, Marketing and Sales strategies. Each session you shall set top 5 priority actions and we then have weekly check in calls to ascertain opportunities, threats, areas where you require further help.


I work with business owners who have been operating at least 1 year in their business and are ready to:

  • take their business to the next level
  • attract a new clientele base (one that truly values their products and services)
  • learn how to utilise social media to grow their business and markets
  • sick of working 1000’s of hours and not seeing the $$$ results in their bank accounts
  • balance their work/ life and spend more time on what’s important yet continue to leverage their business
  • TAKE ACTION and create a new strategic pathway for growth



“Michelle has a vibrancy and enthusiasm that is catching. It helps me to feel positive and that running a business and making it work for me is possible. She has a lot of practical knowledge about marketing and how to go about developing an online presence and easy to implement processes. She also has a way with words and comes up with just the right phrase or line to catch the eye of an ideal client.

With Michelle’s help, I’ve learnt how to break down the steps so that I can manage the overwhelm of too many things to do. Before I started with Michelle. I wasn’t working with any kind of method to my madness. Now I know how to break it down into small, easy to manage bits…and just get them done.

Another big part of the equation for me was the realisation that I could make this business become part my life rather than take over my life. Now I make sure I have time for my family and friends and other projects that are close to my heart and because of that, I’m loving my work even more… AND my business is building and my income increasing slowly and steadily.

Thank you Michelle. I wouldn’t be in this place without you.”
Louise G.

“I would say that you have been very patient with me and allowed me to grow naturally while steering me towards the right direction for me.
I think you’ve helped me to uncover my true purpose in life as opposed to what I thought I needed to do in order to make a living.
Above all else, you’ve helped me to believe in myself and that’s the real game changer in my eyes.” – Sarah C
“Thank you Michelle from OH Marketing! I’ve been so grateful for Michelle’s coaching that I now can see a bright future in my business. I came to Michelle feeling frustrated with my ‘in the box’ comfort zone, and the desire (but not sure on the how) to achieve much more with my business. The best part of working with Michelle is you’ll get clarity on your marketing message, great tools and strategies and for me, someone I know that is authentic, honest and has fabulous integrity in what she does. If you want your business to be heard, stand out or you want to be the best you can, then connect with Michelle from OH Marketing and don’t look back.” Kylie V

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