Mike has been the owner of many businesses over the years from sales and training organisations to being involved in turnaround companies. He’s created and sold several companies in his 25 year career in business.

Mike’s main focus today is living off the grid in a self sufficient property for water and electricity in the middle of Sydney with his wife and children whilst working with his business clients to support them on their journey of reclaiming their personal authority and creating a business that supports their life and personal freedom.

We work 1-on-1 with clients either face to face or remotely with tools like Skype. We also run workshops on Leadership, Communication and Relationships where our clients come together as a group and network while developing skills.

We also have online resources for our clients to support our 1-on-1 work.

Mike works with people who own businesses that have, or plan to in the next 12 months have, a team of 5 or more working with them.

The most challenging part of business is the people part – relationships, communication, empathy, soft skills, sales and leadership are the areas that we are best at solving problems in.

He understands what it feels like to think that you have more potential than what you’re currently showing the world.

If you’re ready to find that clarity and confidence that’s been eluding you, and you’re certain it’s time for something to change, contact him today to have a coffee and discover if this is a fit.

Mike has been the on of the best sales trainers and mentors I have ever worked with.
Jody Pockron “Life coach, sales and marketing trainer”

I have worked with Mike for over 15 years and during that time have gotten to know him on both a professional and personal level. With highly developed leadership, interpersonal and management skills, his success and drive have led him to things beyond what he probably dreamed of several decades ago! By being so down to earth, honest and direct, it is clear he is not afraid to get stuck in, lead by example and show people how it’s done; invariably this is with a smile as he can turn almost anything into a positive! To this day, I turn to him for advice and expertise as he is a true leader in the field, and will continue to innovate and pave the way for future leaders for a long time yet to come.
Paul Burkett
Managing Director
Vice President
Appco group Australia

Thanks to working with Mike,It’s so much easier to have the tough conversations…
– Kristie Foreman Managing Director Event Solutions NT


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