Nikky Fontana is a dynamic, vivacious person who motivates and inspires simply with her presence.Her passion for helping people make the changes they need to live the life of their dreams was sparked while working as a weight loss consultant. Following a massive shake up of her life in 2012, she decided to widen the potential clients she could help, and so branched out into coaching and speaking.

Nikky is an entertaining speaker, with a unique style, utilising her sense of humour and personality to connect with & empower the audience. Her coaching clients have noted her ability to listen empathetically, while holding them accountable in the same breath!

I work with clients either in person, or via phone or Skype, and by asking targeted, strategic questions I establish what the client really wants to achieve and identify the blocks that are stopping them from reaching their full potential. From this clarification, we then develop plans and solutions so they can create the life that they dream of.

I work with people who want to break the chains of their fears and doubts, who want to take the next step in their lives but who don’t know how.They might feel as if they are going in circles, or that it’s ‘Groundhog Day’ each and every day.

Coaching with Nikky was perfectly timed. Life’s easy when it’s easy. However during the time-frame of our 3 session the company that I currently coach for were restructuring. A move I whole heartedly agree with.

Even though the restructure is a good thing the amount of change in a short period of time with lack of regard for basic survival needs through the change took its toll. I don’t like to use the “S” word, the truth was trying to juggle my own business, study and these changes I was stressed-blah I said it!

Nikky helped me to discover missing resources that were available to me. With these I was able to take back my power regaining strength and ultimately awareness of what I could control and influence. I have been able to identify old patterns releasing them for new resourceful behaviours. Best of all, using and building my muscle of calm proactive communication has resulted in my feedback being heard, taken on board and changes made for the betterment of all.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Nikky, the powerhouse she is. The coaching resulted with me stepping into the next level of leader I crave to be with more certainty, success and love.

Forever grateful
Rachael Jane Henderson

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