I am a coach and mentor for business owners and am also an optometrist , having worked in the health industry for 27 years. Being a mum myself for the last 20 years and combining working, running a business, and also managing my family, I clearly understand the challenges of combining business and family life successfully.

I am an accredited eDISC consultant, and also do Business and Executive Coaching.

I have extensive experience in network marketing, MLM, coaching, online marketing and online business development, social media, email marketing, and specialise in ‘creating a presence’ for businesses online to take their business to the next level.

My keywords are Balance, Focus, Success, Action and Support, as these are the foundation of any business.

I know being in business can be overwhelming and it sometimes can take time to push through this. Some business owners don’t even make it and find it all too hard and revert back to a job. What I have accomplished for many business owners is the creating of opportunities with the tools that will enable them to be more productive in less time and to prioritise their activities. This creates a clear focus, great momentum and vision, allowing forward movement towards their goals.

I work with business owners who are passionate about what they do and have big plans for their business. However, in order to realise these big plans, they often become burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed. They find their business consumes their time and energy and their family life suffers.

They want to grow their business, but fear that if this happens, they will be even busier and will have even less time outside of work. They work together to develop a great model that enables them to grow their business, realise their dreams, and get everything done without impacting on their family time. In fact they often find they have more time to spend with their family as well as a vibrant, thriving business.

I work with business owners to create a business model that enables businesses to scale up, without the overwhelm and burnout.
They are empowered to work smarter rather than harder and be more productive, so they get more done in less time.

“Thank you Pauline for all the help you have given me.
Across the program we did together, you helped me to reinvigorate my business in a way I have never achieved before. Through your guidance I have been able to reassess and rid myself of a whole range of self-defeating thought processes. The business I have now compared to before we started working together is almost unrecognisable – in all the right ways!
If you are looking for improvement in your business and financial aspects of your life (as I was), then I would highly recommend engaging Pauline’s services as a coach.”
Terri Adams-Munn

“Pauline is an intuitive coach who is caring and compassionate whilst also challenging me to look more deeply at issues I have a tendency to avoid . Pauline encourages me to address the real issues rather than the surface and to look forward to the future that I want. Since I have been receiving coaching from Pauline I am more confident, organised and have greater clarity for my future. I am now following through on tasks I have been putting off and I understand why I have been doing this which helps me if these things crop up again in the future. I would happily recommend Pauline as a Coach, especially if like me you put things off or feel you have too much to do so you don’t do anything!”
Lou Allwright

“I had never worked with a coach before and was really unsure what it would be like, how it would work for me and even what I wanted to achieve from it.
In the many long months leading up to commencing coaching, I’d been experiencing a really tough run with my business. Moving states created some financial issues and I was incredibly stressed and emotional. I was at a point where I was willing to try anything to give me a boost and make a change.
Speaking with Pauline on a regular basis gave me a lot of clarity and showed me where my strengths and weaknesses lie, both in business and in my personal life. One thing that has really stuck with me is acknowledging my self talk. It is so important to listen to the way you speak to yourself and be positive in what you want to achieve in life.
I would highly recommend Pauline’s coaching to anyone looking to get out of a rut, to find clarity and looking for a change. She is calm and caring, has a really positive outlook on life and has really helped me continue through the tough days to find positive outcomes.”
Tiffany Selzer

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