With 33 years of business experience, and a business education in the nineties from world leaders I entered the business coaching industry in 1997 and hit the ground running with results for clients. Some clients tripled their sales in weeks or months, others added hundreds of thousands of dollars to sales in months and in 2001 a client asked for assistance in setting up his business to run on autopilot. That was achieved inside twelve months with a general manager in place.

After solving virtually every growth challenge (i.e. staff performance, lack of time or cash, profitability, and growth related ones) of hundreds of businesses over ten years, the solutions were systematised, the best strategies that work every time identified and put together into a complete training course.

Research and experience identified 7 subjects all business owners need to learn to permanently solve all the challenges of owning a business so they can enjoy the lifestyle they desired with both time and money. These 7 subjects, systems, strategies and templates are all now part of a training course – complete with workbooks, video instructions, and frequent reviews.

The course is solution focused, to solve growth challenges. And as all businesses have similar challenges the course is delivered in small groups with discussions, but also one on one where needed for specific customisation.

Due to the training being in a small group, its a far more affordable and time effective way of learning what is necessary to manage a business. And the results are spectacular from the group interaction learning environment.

Accountants have attended the course with their clients, giving it rave reviews (on video) and highly recommending it as a learning program all business owners need and would benefit from.

Clients businesses have added up to $520,000 to their net profit, solved their staff issues completely, freed up their time, stopped working in their businesses completely and taken a year off work, grown by up to eight million in turnover in one year, doubled their annual turnover year after year up to forty five million dollars and these results are being achieved without spending more on advertising.

If you want a business and management education, recognised as being outstanding in content, quality and coming with ready to use systems, strategies, templates and even measuring tools all at a very affordable price, then you’ve found the right training for you.

Our training is delivered in small intimate groups, so its far more cost effective than one on one business coaching. It still contains one on one discussions and reviews of measuring tools, P & L Statements etc. where necessary.

Our service consists of training on solutions, with Powerpoint, workbooks to take notes in and to read between meetings to apply emailed templates, tools, ready to use systems and strategies, so instead of talking to a coach and having to create your own systems, you just implement ours directly into your business saving months of work.

Our training is delivered online using a video conference platform where everyone sees each other and discusses challenges, strategies, systems before implementation. Then there is a discussion and review of the experience of implementing.

We provide the systems, all the measuring tools, strategies and training necessary in our workbooks, Powerpoint, video instructions, discussions and email templates to save months or years of learning how to set a business up for management, or for rapid exponential growth.

Business owners with three years of experience or more.
Businesses with 3 or more employees
Business owners who would prefer to increase their business’ Net Profit MARGIN and add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to their net profit, without spending more on marketing
Open minded business owners, willing to explore new ways of doing business to achieve phenomenal improvements
Business owners who don’t want “quick fixes” in weeks
Business owners who understand J-Curve growth
Business owners who in 12 – 24 months would like their business to be operating smoothly, worry free and profitably completely without them working in it
Business owners who want to add multiple millions of dollars to their turnover, year after year
Business owners who want more in their personal life than they are currently enjoying
Business owners who want to work smarter and are open to exploring new ways of learning

“I had two previous business coaches and wasn’t happy with the results. I was cautious to try Tim’s training, but I liked the workbook, template, done-for-you systems he offered and gave it a go. It was also far more affordable than previous coaches. As a result within 6 months my cash in the bank position in one quarter increased $120,000, without increasing leads or looking at new marketing strategies. I also stopped thinking about my business at home, I have no more worry or stress about my business and my wife has noticed a difference in my nature. It was the best training I’ve seen and continue to read the workbooks to take my business to the next level”
Milton Hampe – M J United Plumbing & Drainage

“When I met Tim I had only one employee in my powder coating business. Thanks to his recruitment system I employed a young guy who had a great attitude. Two years later he was my foreman and we have five guys working for us now, we’re the most expensive in our industry but we also have the best reputation for quality. I recently hired a general manager who tripled our sales, while maintaining a high net profit margin, I get to go fishing a lot and enjoy life without having to work much at all now. I highly recommend Tim’s course as you will be using and learning from the content for years.”
Allan Baggs – Precision Powder Coating

“I was sceptical of Tim’s training because as an accounting firm owner I get to see the P & L Statements of clients to see the results of business coaches and haven’t seen results that reflect the cost of it with clients businesses. I saw Tim’s content with nine workbooks, emailed digital systems was nothing like anything I had seen previously and paid to attend his 7 month course. Even without any advertising focus my profits have doubled, I have a clear idea of the strategies to grow my practice and have more cash in the bank than I’ve ever seen before. I recommend you take a look at Tim’s training”
B Hetherington – Hetherington & Associates

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